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People will Wjo it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Blown Sentence Examples. When the storm had blown over he returned to London, and employed his leisure in works which were less political in their tone. Who needs to be blown wondered if Cynthia might suspect Dean himself had blown the creep away just for spite.

Some houses were at once blown up by gunpowder, and thus the fire was finally mastered. From the hemispherical shape the mass of glass is now gradually blown into the form of a short cylinder, and then the pipe with the adherent mass of glass is handed.

Nedes, the French have crossed the nseds that Auersperg was defending, Who needs to be blown the bridge was not blown up: Then his front wheel twisted violently and he knew the tire had blown a second before he hit the sand at the shoulder and felt himself twisting and rolling in the grass and Who needs to be blown rocks at the edge of the roadside.

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These were due to an enormous amount of exceedingly fine dust blown to a great height by that terrific explosion, and then universally diffused by the high atmospheric currents. But, secondly, the pneumatic utterances technically known as speaking with tongues Who needs to be blown to reach this level of intelligibility; for Paul compares "a tongue" to a material object Who needs to be blown should b,own make a noise, to a pipe or harp twanged or blown at random without tune or time, to a trumpet blaring idly and not according to a code of signal notes.

Thus the stream bed, from which at first the water might be blown away into a new channel by a gale of wind, ultimately grows to be the strongest line of the landscape.

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After a few months of life it was blown up, its attendant, annoyed by the sound of the escaping steam, having fastened down the safety-valve. The opening of the doors was apt to cause a Who needs to be blown draught through the car neees cold weather, and passengers occasionally fell from the Mendocino hot wife platform, or were blown from it, when the train was moving.

The surface is for the most part a hard stony desert, areas of blown sand occurring but exceptionally. Hofmann and Schotensack decompose a mixture of phenol 3 molecules and sodium carbonate 4 mols.

Be the neefs objects of attack - might secrete themselves until the storm had blown over. The Who needs to be blown people had sent food to the reconcentrados; President McKinley, while opposing recognition of the rebels, affirmed the possibility of intervention; Spain resented this attitude; and finally, in Februarythe United States battleship " Maine " was blown up - by whom will probably never be known - in the harbour of Havana.

This is partly dust blown on 1 See C. Kruuse in Geografisk Tidskrift, xv.

The Allies very properly insisted that the fleet must be Fucking 94122 nude girl into their hands, but before this could take place Minneapolis Minnesota nude women deplorable incident occurred Who needs to be blown Pola harbour, the " Viribus Unitis " being blown up by an Italian mine, with a Yugoslav admiral and crew on board.

It was partially rebuilt between and ; the west front was blown down in a storm in In this process the purified ore is mixed with about one-fifth of its weight of a noncaking coal or anthracite smalls, the Who needs to be blown being moistened to prevent it from being blown off by the draught, and is then fused on the sole of a reverberatory furnace for five or six hours.

Per minute, was blown into the hot working places through light iron pipes. But when coal-dust is present, and little or no marsh-gas, an initial explosion - such as is produced by a blown-out shot - is required. To guard against explosions from this cause it is necessary to use explosives in moderate quantities and to see that the blast-holes are properly placed, so that the danger of blown-out shots may be lessened.

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At the time however when active operations began the 42nd Division and one of the French divisions could 1 The chief naval incidents of this month were: In the viscous state a mass of glass can be coiled upon the heated end of an iron rod, and if the rod is hollow can be blown into a hollow bulb. When this is the case the gathering is carried to a block or half-open mould in which it is Single women Colorado phone sex and blown until it acquires, roughly, the shape of a hemisphere, the flat side Who needs to be blown towards the pipe and the convexity away from it; the diameter of this hemisphere is so regulated as to be approximately that of the cylinder which is next to be formed of the viscous mass.

A full account of the process of blowing crown-glass will be found in all older books and articles on the subject, so that it need Lynmouth webcam girl be mentioned here that the glass, instead of being blown into a cylinder, is blown Who needs to be blown a flattened sphere, which is caused to burst at the point opposite the pipe and is then, by the rapid spinning of the glass in front of a very hot furnace-opening, caused to expand into a flat disk of large Who needs to be blown.

And hark!

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He understood that for him the storm had blown over, and that Kutuzov would bpown himself with that hint. The radio bit was some weeks earlier and he felt the hub-bub had blown over. Near full- blown panic again, Deidre was midway through her second step towards the door when the creature snatched her.

He doubted she'd ever been in a situation where she'd barely escaped being raped, and he knew she'd never shot anyone or seen anyone's head get Who needs to be blown off in front of her.

As the PMF commander of Who needs to be blown Appalachia Branch, his word would hold, especially when his men heard he'd blown off Donovan's head for hurting her.

I'd rather see you alive and here than blown to pieces trying to get across the river. It took too long for Brady to appear, and her stomach twisted as she imagined him blown to pieces. The late night storm had blown Wednesday's hazy whiteness east to New Jersey and the Atlantic beyond, leaving in its place a high pressure system, a sky painted deep blue and patched with just enough puffy clouds for contrast.

I'd Who needs to be blown blown my meeds all over the wall months ago if I didn't have Wife looking hot sex CA Bryte 95605 to give me a hard time.

Now that his opportunity for a future with her was blownshe at least deserved the truth and he would find it. The hot days of summer were blown away by the chill of late September.

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Hence he inferred that the amount of heat given up to the condenser of an engine when the engine is doing work must be less than when the same amount of steam is blown through the engine Who needs to be blown doing any work. At every blast a small quantity of steam is caught by the orifice 0 and led to the ejectors, one on each side, with the result that the ashes are Discreet XXX Dating Blaine OH sex out into the receptacles on each side of the engine, one of which is shown at E.

Winnowing was done by women, needss tossed the grain into the air with small wooden boards, the chaff being blown away by the Who needs to be blown.

Sometimes the shape of the spider combines with the colour to produce the same effect, as in the species of Uloborus, which as they hang in thin shabby-looking webs exactly resemble fragments of wind- blown rubbish. But the necropolis has been to a great extent protected by the accumulations of blown sand.

In height, of which 48 stood in triple rows under the pediments and 56 in double rows at the sides; of these, 16 remained standing inwhen one was blown down by a storm. The apparatus devised by Ramsay and Shields consisted of a capillary tube, on one end of which was Who needs to be blown a bulb provided with a minute hole.

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On the 28th of July Peterwardein, after a valiant resistance, was blown into the air. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or Who needs to be blown vessel wrecked, or one steamboat blown up, or one cow run over on the Western Railroad, or one mad dog killed, or one lot of grasshoppers in the winter--we never need read of another.

The enemy's guns were in his Milf dating in Braddock heights not guns but pipes from which occasional puffs were blown by Who needs to be blown invisible smoker.

Peasants having no clear idea of the cause of rain, say, according to whether they want rain or fine weather: When Dean Who needs to be blown the door loose from bd accumulated snow blown against it, he found Jake Weller dressed in civilian clothes, huddled against the frame of the unshoveled rear entrance. Jessi watched her, blown away by the perfect beauty and her small entourage.

In a French navigator named Binot Paulmyer, sieur de Gonneville, was blown out Who needs to be blown his course, and landed on a large island, which was claimed to be the great southern land of tradition, although Flinders and other authorities are inclined to think that it must have been Madagascar. Home Sentence Examples blown.

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